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What Color is Brake Fluid Meant to Be?

Asking yourself, “what color is brake fluid?” You’re not alone! Like many Matthews car owners, perhaps you know what brake fluid is, but you’re unable to answer “what does brake fluid look like?” When it’s new, brake fluid is clear with a slight yellow tinge, and is in a liquid state. Over time as you commute through Indian Trail each day, the color and texture of the brake fluid will change. At this point, you’ll know it’s time to schedule an appointment to have your brake fluid replaced.

Why is Brake Fluid Important?

Good quality brake fluid is essential to the operation of your car’s brake system. It both aids in the smooth movement of the brake pedal, as well as lubricates the brake system at large, helping prevent pesky issues like corrosion. Should your brake fluid get too low or become riddled with outside contaminants, your car’s performance and the safety of yourself and other drivers could be compromised. As with all of your car’s fluids, you must be mindful of maintaining the brake fluid. Without it, your brakes might wear out prematurely!

How to Check Brake Fluid

The friendly technicians at the Hendrick Porsche service center will gladly inspect your brake fluid for you in Charlotte, but if you’re a DIY enthusiast you’ll be glad to know that checking the brake fluid on your own is as easy as checking your oil level.

When you check the brake fluid, keep this question in mind: What does the brake fluid look like? If the color, texture, or general condition looks off, you should schedule service to have your brake system inspected.

Here are the simple steps to check your brake fluid at home in Pineville:

  1. Under the hood, locate the master cylinder to get to the brake fluid reservoir. If you require assistance locating it, your owner’s manual should contain a diagram for reference.
  2. There will be minimum and maximum lines on the fluid reservoir. Check whether the brake fluid level falls below the minimum line; if it does, you’ll need a refill.
  3. Finally, what color is the brake fluid? If it’s taken on a darker color or feels oily, you need to have it flushed and replenished.

Learn More About Your Car Brakes at Hendrick Porsche

Have additional questions related to “what does brake fluid look like?” At Hendrick Porsche we are here to help! Contact us to start a conversation, or head over to our online service information center where you’ll find additional tips on transmission fluid color and more!

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