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Together We Feed

We are currently a school sponsor for Thomasboro Academy through Hendrick Automotive Group, the Metrolina Food Bank, and the 'Together We Feed' initiative.  

Together We Feed Charlotte (TWF) has a mission to feed, care for and connect with children living in poverty within our community so they are well-nourished physically and mentally, develop strong self-esteem and are better able to succeed academically. TWF works to get as many healthy food and non-food resources to as many low income children as possible, while also building a sense of community around each child. Holistically serving one school at a time, we strive to feed, care, and connect with children in need so they develop a well-nourished life, resulting in a commitment to education and a hope for rising out of poverty.

By working with business, healthcare, public safety, faith-based, and other nonprofit partners, TWF first seeks to address the immediate, physical needs of the whole child. We then engage local volunteer and business partners to inspire children by providing experiences and relationships that create pathways of change. Along with our partners, we encourage our children to dream big and reach toward a promising future so they can grow up to contribute their best for a stronger city.

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